Episode 38

Episode 35 Running Myths

Published on: 3rd June, 2024

This week we tackle a few running myths! You know the ones; running is bad for your knees, your back, you need loads of water to run, runners should breath through their nose etc etc! Alison has been doing the research to bust the myths and she shares her findings and we chat about this. Here are some links to the various articles and publications Alison talks about:

Effects of Running on the Development of Knee Osteoarthritis: An Updated Systematic Review at Short-Term Follow-up  Dhillon et al 2023

BMC Sports Sci Med Rehabil.

Lörinczi, et al

Almond et al (2005)

As always also go through our week of running and cover some recent race results, shout outs to listeners and some future topic suggestions. If you have any results you want us to cover or topics for future episodes, get in touch, or if you are interested in being coached by Paul, please email us or connect on any social media. We will back every Monday with a new episode and here is how you can connect with us to help build the running partners community;

email us at runningpartners@outlook.com

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Running Partners
Running partners in more ways than one! Running partners is a new podcast about all aspects of running, hosted by partners in life and running, Paul Griffiths and Alison Scope. We will discuss training, racing, nutrition, mental health, coaching, injuries, motivation, and much more, and our reflections in the context of fitting it all in to a busy family and work life. The podcast launches on 9th October and we are really excited to get going and would love it if you want to join us.

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Paul Griffiths

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Alison and I are happily married with three boys and I love running most days, playing a bit of football, holidays and watching Sheffield Wednesday! I run my own business specialising in improvement, coaching and change in healthcare and am also training to be a running coach. My own running covers distances from 5k to 110 miles and a sub 3 hour marathon is my goal for 2024! Happiness for me is spending time with my family out and about enjoying life!

Alison Scope

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I've been running for about 11 years. I took up running outside (rather than some brief jogging on the treadmill at the gym) after I'd had my second (of three) baby boys. My main motivation was to lose a bit of baby weight and to avoid a few nappy changes! My motivation quickly changed from weight loss to improving my speed and endurance and I enjoyed the challenge. I joined a running club and did a few races and it went from there. My favourite distance is the marathon and on the roads, but I've done all sorts of races, 5k to 60 miles (as a runner for Paul's ultra), roads, trail and a few fell races - although I did get my leg stuck in a bog and and fallen over quite a lot of off road races! We've got three boys aged 14, 11 and 8, and their keenness for running tends to vary!